Culture shocks to expect

Two years ago, I started volunteering some of my free time to train prospective students on admission, funding, and survival into US grad schools. Successful applicants — mostly outside the United States — are always curious to know the challenges they should expect and prepare for as they settle into their programs.

I always find these sorts of questions exciting. Each time, I use my own experiences — which were largely positive — to educate these prospective international students. As the platform became bigger with mentees spread all around the USA, I realized that my personal…

It worked like a charm for me.

When I applied for my Postdoc position, I knew I had some deficiencies as I had no experience with a key organoid technology needed for the job. However, this technology was something I had read about and thought it would be a vital part of my career goals as an independent investigator in academia.

Still, I sent in a carefully-crafted application that solidly highlighted my strengths in other areas. Luckily, I got to the interview stage.

We had a good conversation during the interview. As expected, I was asked if I had any knowledge of this key technology. I gave…

Healing yourself of the “copy & paste syndrome”

Templates can be a life saver for many young scholars and less experienced writers, especially when instructions for your documents are vague. When you finally get your hands on that perfect template, it is very easy to get drawn into “copying and pasting” certain sections, even though this may be entirely unintentional. Plagiarism — either direct, self, mosaic, or accidental — is totally unacceptable at any level of scholarship. Known plagiarism cases have led to the denial of admission/scholarship opportunities and even revocation of admission offers and conferred degrees.

Babajide Ojo, PhD

Scientist | Writer. Here is my happy place to present comfortable and uncomfortable topics beyond science.

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